The Process for Treatment and What to Expect


At the time of booking your appointment, the R3 physicians will request certain medical records to help insure the R3 treatments are
appropriate options for you. A deposit is made at the time of booking to hold your appointment and procedure days.  The R3 physicians will review your records and in the highly unlikely event you not qualify for the treatment, then R3 will refund your deposit minus credit card fees.

Once treatment is confirmed, our staff will facilitate form completion with you prior to your arrival.  We will also need your travel itinerary so we can coordinate the concierge service and transportation to the scheduled appointments. The R3 Team will recommend lodging for you and any other services you might request.

Your first appointment will be a 1.5-2.0 hour THOROUGH  evaluation with the R3 physicians. The physicians prefer to do the evaluations the day before the scheduled procedure. That is not always the circumstance, since we want to work with your travel schedules.

Here is a typical visit scenario:

Saturday or Sunday:  You arrive in beautiful Caribbean and are greeted at the airport by R3’s patient concierge.

Monday:  You will have a comprehensive evaluation with the R3 physicians.

Tuesday:  Your procedure takes place. Our proprietary stem cell processing techniques generates stem cell counts over 500 times greater versus stem cells derived from bone marrow or blood. Depending on your condition, treatment may involve highly customized, targeted injections, an IV infusion or both.

Wed:  post procedure follow up appointment

Thursday, or any day following:  You will head home!

Treatments are typically one time events.  The R3 TEAM will follow you closely for 2 years at the minimum.  That means regular phone calls, emails, and questionnaires will be conducted/completed to track your progress.


What happens during a treatment?

No general anesthesia is used, only local anesthesia. All treatments are minimally invasive. The physicians harvest fat tissue from a tiny portal in the abdomen no bigger than a needle used for giving an injection.  Next, the physicians process the fat tissue to extract the maximum number of stem cells possible.  Finally, the physicians re-inject the stem cells in the planned fashion. This customized plan for re-injection is created AFTER your initial evaluation with physicians. Depending on your specific and unique needs, the stem cell procedure may consist of targeted injections or an IV infusion, or both.

Each patient is different with a unique set of circumstances. Therefore, each treatment plan is designed differently. R3 customizes EACH and EVERY treatment plan specifically for your needs.  No two treatment plans are the same.

After the procedure, R3 counts (via a flow cytometer) the number of stem cells re-injected into the patient and provides the patient with the actual number. The numbers of cells are exceptionally high and the R3 TEAM prides itself in its ability to consistently deliver high stem cell yields.  When it comes to treating an illness with stem cells, higher stem cell numbers are usually indicative of positive treatment outcomes.