World Renowned Physician James Andrews, MD

Doctor James R. Andrews is one of the founding members of GARM and is also co- founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) a non-profit institute dedicated to injury prevention, education and research in orthopaedic and sports medicine. He has mentored more than 314 orthopaedic/sports medicine Fellows and more than 84 primary care sports medicine Fellows who have trained under him through these Sports Medicine Fellowship Programs.

He is President of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine and a Senior Consultant for the Washington Redskins along with being the Medical Director for the Tampa Bay Rays.



Board Certified Physician Glenn Terry MD

Dr. Glenn C. Terry brings impeccable international acclaim from orthopedic surgeons around the world as well as from many elite athlete patients. Many have recognized Dr. Terry as a pioneer in the field of sports medicine.

Following is a brief summary of his contributions to the Olympic Games:

Education & Training

Glenn Terry MD

Board Certified Physican Robert Alexander MD

Dr. Alexander has often been ranked as the top stem cell expert world-wide and has won multiple awards in the area of stem/stromal cell research. The Academy of Regenerative Practices recently named Dr. Alexander as one of the Top 10 Innovators in the field of Stem Cell Innovations.

As the recipient of multiple awards and honors in the areas of his primary specialty, as well as in the evolving uses of stem/stromal cells, Dr. Alexander continues his academic affiliation with the University of Washington in Seattle, alongside practicing and teaching the latest advances in Biocellular Regenerative Medicineā„¢ treatments in plastic surgery and orthopedic regenerative medicine.

Dr. Alexander graduated from Univ. of Florida Medical School and continued there receiving training in General Surgery and Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery. He holds an academic teaching post at the University of Washington.